1. Machine Blossoms (bc056)
    Dark Fidelity Hi Fi

  2. Static Control (bc055)
    Fragile X and Esef

  3. Ancestral Origins (bc054)
    Minimal Drone GRL

  4. Frequency Wars (bc053)

  5. Black Lives Matter

  6. Second Life (bc052)
    Lying Cat

  7. Spektrum (bc051)

  8. Imitation Of Faith (bc050)
    Belial Pelegrim

  9. Decompression (bc049)
    Ty Lumnus

  10. 0141 (bc048)
    Bricolage VA

  11. Lotus Eaters (bc047)
    Devras Plexi and Justin Case

  12. Found (bc046)
    Dark Fidelity Hi Fi

  13. Gentle Static Flow (bc045)
    Dark Fidelity Hi Fi

  14. Bloom (bc044)
    Leit Motif

  15. The Butterfly Effect (bc043)
    Fragile X

  16. Fortysomething (bc042)
    Loui Cleghorn

  17. Subvert Yourself (bc041)
    No Arrival

  18. Once Upon A Future (bc040)

  19. Lying Cat (bc039)
    Lying Cat

  20. Retcon (bc038)
    Bricolage VA

  21. You Matter! (bc037)
    Justin Case

  22. Morgenlicht (bc036)
    Arran Trax

  23. And We Become One With The Earth (bc035)
    Supply Fi

  24. frequent inspirational chore (bc034)
    Devras Plexi

  25. Audible Smote (bc033)
    Menopausal Hound Dog

  26. Yautja Blood (bc032)

  27. Tetrahedron (bc031)
    Blue Notes

  28. The Chance To Fail (bc030)
    No Arrival

  29. Dyadic (bc029)
    Bricolage VA

  30. Eastern Philosophy (bc028)

  31. Bricolage : VA Volume 5 (bc027)
    Bricolage VA

  32. Insert Coins To Continue (bc026)
    Fragile X

  33. In Orbit (bc025)
    The Jaffa Kid

  34. First Step (bc024)
    Ix Prospectum

  35. There Are Places Other Than Here (bc023)

  36. Injection (bc022)

  37. Till We Have Faces (bc021)
    Leit Motif

  38. Bricolage : VA Volume 4 (bc020)
    Bricolage VA

  39. Fifteen Minutes Of Fame (bc019)

  40. Live Stuff (bc018)

  41. Waterworks (bc017)
    Loui Cleghorn

  42. Atlas (bc016)
    Nova Noma

  43. Arboreal (bc015)
    Fragile X

  44. No Work, Just Play (bc014)
    Night Time Bassline

  45. Fake Real Warm (bc013)
    Mute Branches

  46. Supine (bc012)
    Leit Motif

  47. Bricolage : VA Volume 3 (bc011)
    Bricolage VA

  48. Barmecide (bc010)
    Roy Or Bison?

  49. The Outer Circle (bc009)
    Fragile X

  50. Octopus (bc008)

  51. Thursday Morning, Taylor Swift (bc007)
    Intl. Debris

  52. Cake Toucher (bc006)
    Chairman Cow

  53. Bricolage : VA "The Longest Night" (bc005)
    Bricolage VA

  54. Bricolage: VA Volume 2 (bc004)
    Bricolage VA

  55. Instrumental Love Songs For The Broken Hearted Vol. 1 (bc003)

  56. Console (bc002)
    Fragile X

  57. Bricolage: VA Volume 1 (bc001)
    Bricolage VA


Bricolage Glasgow, UK

"Bricolage" is an underground electronic music label based in Glasgow. We specialize in distinctive sonic adventures from both local and global producers.

estd. 2015

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